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Welcome to the Official Website of Peter Gallagher.

This site, like my career, is a work in progress - so check back for updates as I offer a few thoughts on some of my favorite roles, projects, and experiences.

Thanks for coming!

March 2009

My webmaster is in the process of upgrading the website - so bear with us a bit longer; there are new photos on the way!

Sundance 2009

I just returned from nearly a week long trip to Sundance where we debuted a wonderful new film called ADAM with Hugh Dancy, Rose Byrne, Amy Irving, Frankie Faison and myself in a film written and directed by my friend Max Mayer and produced by another dear friend Leslie Urdang.

I had high hopes for this little movie after seeing it last month. It’s an exciting thing when a wonderful script becomes a wonderful movie and especially exciting when it has a chance to find an audience. Fox Searchlight, the best in the Indie business with films like THE WRESTLER, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, JUNO, SIDEWAYS and others has picked up worldwide rights to ADAM and will distribute it theatrically in 2009. In what seems to be a continuing theme of revisiting places and people. At dinner during the festival, I had the great, good fortune to be seated near some of my film family from over the years: Claire Danes and Rose Byrne have been my daughters, Jon Tenney, a cousin. The beautiful and talented Erica Alexander whom I’ve known since she was a beautiful and talented little girl. Charlyane Woodard, an extraordinary solo theatre artist, and I made our Broadway debut together in HAIR. If I go on anymore, it’ll sound odd. Suffice to say, it was a small world in Sundance.

Speaking of film family: also at Sundance was a special 20th anniversary screening of “sex, lies & videotape” which Andie McDowell, Laura San Giacomo, Steven Soderbergh and myself attended. Everybody looked great and the movie really held up with time – although tame in comparison to what is available to all on the net.

After seeing the movie again for the first time in 20 years I realize better than ever why so many people thought I was such an asshole – it was a great part to play. After the film was released, my wife and I were having dinner in LA right next to Sean Penn who graciously congratulated me on my performance and said “I wanted to meet the only other guy in Hollywood hated more than me.” I was in good company.

January 2009

Mira Rostova, an extraordinary acting teacher, died on January 28 2009 at the age of 99. I worked with Mira for almost 25 years and on many roles. She had a unique method for acting and script interpretation that had its roots in several of the greatest Russian, European and American traditions. We both studied with Bobby Lewis who started the Actors Studio – only 40 years apart. I don’t know whether I learned more from her about acting or about life. She was certainly one of the most important people in my life. Here’s the New York Times obituary.

December 2008

AARP Magazine (the largest circulation of any magazine in the world! Who knew?) named it’s INSPIRE AWARD winners this year and I was one of them. Continuing the theme of reunions and surprising connections, Glenn Close was also an Inspire Award winner. We worked together for Mike Nichols in Tom Stoppard’s THE REAL THING and Glenn is currently doing DAMAGES with Rose Byrne. The world continues to shrink.

It was humbling and very moving to be in the company of the other winners and to hear their stories and what they’ve done for their communities and the country. Some like Glenn and Quincy Jones and Alma Powell (Colin Powell’s wife) were well known to many even if they’re considerable charitable efforts weren’t. Here’s a link to AARP to read about the other honorees.

November 2008

Had a truly wonderful experience doing a reading on Broadway of ALL ABOUT EVE for the ACTORS FUND. Here’s the cast: Brian Bedford, Zoe Caldwell, Jessica Cummings, Peter Gallagher, Joel Grey, Angela Lansbury, Cynthia Nixon, Steve Ross, John Slattery, Jennifer Tilly directed by John Erman. It doesn’t get much better than that. A lot of love all around and fun.

August-October 2008

Played golf in a few fundraisers including the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Tournament for Ethel Kennedy at Hyannisport CC. This is one of my favorite events and it was a very powerful experience playing on the same golf course that Jack, Bobby and Ted Kennedy played as young men while many of us there were also campaigning and praying that their heir apparent, Barack Obama, might soon become President.

The rest of the time was absorbed by a return to school and family life, and recovering from a 6 month run on Broadway.

April 2008

Country Girl

Hello, folks. Spring is threatening to arrive here in New York City, one of the best times of year. Having come from the theatre and returning to it whenever time and opportunity coincide, I can’t help but be a little superstitious. I haven’t dared mention what I’m up to until now, but with previews about to begin in a few days I’m throwing all caution to the wind and ready to say that for the last six weeks we’ve been rehearsing “The Country Girl” a play by Clifford Odetts, directed by Mike Nichols and starring Morgan Freeman, Frances McDormand and myself along with a terrific cast: Chip Zien, Remy Auberjenois, Lucas Rooney, Anna Camp and Joe Roland. It’s a play about the theatre – among other things.

One of the greatest experiences an actor can hope for is a call from Mike Nichols because chances are you might end up with a play (or movie, or musical) that really works and at the very least, the journey there will be something you won’t forget. He is one of the truly great theatre and film directors. We worked together a long time ago in the American premiere of Tom Stoppard’s “The Real Thing”. I learned then that working with Mike is as good as it gets – the same can be said for the rest of the cast.

We are in the middle of “tech week” which is the time when all the sets, lighting, costume, sound cues, etc. are coordinated to help tell the story. During this time the actors are busy trying to make costume changes, remember lines and where we are supposed to be (even where it’s safe to be backstage while the machinery and the crew changes sets and furniture) and hoping to discover what opportunities all these new elements create for telling the story a little better. Of course, the biggest and most important element, the audience, has yet to arrive. We start previews April 3 and open April 27………

We are playing in the “Jacobs Theatre” formerly “The Royale”, where many years ago, I spent a year as Danny Zuko in the original Broadway production of “Grease”. The funny thing is I don’t feel a bit different – I’m a little relieved not to have to do the splits and the spins – but I can’t help but notice some of my friends on the crew who were just starting out then too seem to have gotten older somehow… Please cross your fingers, knock on wood, say your prayers or employ whatever you might to throw a little good fortune our way. And if you’re in NYC before the end of July, come see it!. Best wishes to you all.

September 2007

Hello Folks, hope your summer (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) has been great and school, work or whatever will be as well.

The Feinstein’s show “Songs and Stories” was easily one of the scariest things I’ve done and maybe one of the most rewarding. Not quite sure why it was so scary but even my usually unperturbable wife was a little freaked out. Maybe because it was a long time dream of mine to do a show with music and stories, having been inspired by the nightclub milieu suggested by “The Dean Martin” show as a kid, and it may have acquired the weight of expectation and the terror of possible, personal failure. Maybe it was because it was the first thing I’ve ever written and performed or maybe it was the realization that if it flopped, I’d have no one to blame but myself. Or maybe doing a solo is harder than it looks.

Bob Thiele, jr. my friend and musical collaborator, put together a great band including my old friend Ted Baker on piano (with whom I worked on Pete Townshend’s “Psychoderelict” and was eager to work with again – Ted had since been on the road and recorded with Steely Dan and others and continues to play for “The Lion King” when he’s not on the road) Don Falzone on Bass (Lou Reed, Rufus Wainwright, Ute Lemper) and Ben Perowsky on drums (Joan as Policewoman and others) and Bob on guitar (written songs for Ray Charles, Bonnie Raitt, is currently on “The Office” in the band The Scrantones, and has produced and written for many more – Bob produced my track of “Don’t Give Up On Me” for “The OC”. And special guests and friends Holly Palmer and Victoria Lecta Cave helped me out on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.

We rehearsed for 8 hours and opened to a room full of critics and some dear friends. It was an exhilarating and nerve wracking first performance but all in all it felt pretty good. My good friends couldn’t have been more supportive – so far so good.

The next night there were about three people in the house and I suddenly realized that without any positive word from the press, the next three weeks would be very challenging. The thoughts of just how challenging it would be kept me up most of the night that night and led to my questioning the wisdom of doing the show at all, going into show business at all and wondering if there was a cave anywhere I could completely disappear into and reemerge as an accountant.

Fortunately, the reviews came out the next day and salvation was at hand, they were very reassuring (I don’t dare read reviews during the run of a live show because if they’re not good it makes the rest of the run agonizing – but I could tell by the smile on my wife’s face and the uptick in ticket sales that things were good). Here’s Stephen Holden's review from The New York Times. I was able to emerge from the cave and assume my former life – for the time being.

As the engagement continued I started to enjoy the freedom of being able improvise at will, relating to the extraordinary band, the extraordinary audience and all the privileges that live performance grants.

Thanks to all.

During the last week of the engagement I commuted to Toronto to begin filming “The Gathering,” which will air on October 13 and 14 on Lifetime. It also stars Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Sopranos) Peter Fonda (Easy Rider, Ulee’s Gold, etc.), Kristin Lehman (Drive, Prison Break, etc.), Jenna Boyd (Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants, The Missing, etc.), and Hugh Dillon (Trailer Park Boys, DeGrassi, etc.).

I had a great time making this show. I really enjoyed working with our director Bill Eagles and the cast and suspect it will be a rollicking, weird and suspenseful show. At the very least, I don’t think it will be much like many other miniseries.

Currently I’m in Albuquerque, New Mexico filming an independent movie called “The War Boys”. It’s a timely and timeless story about three friends in a border town, a father and son and much more. The cast is terrific. Ben Walker, Brian Smith and Victor Rasuk – you’ll be hearing more about these guys, I’m sure. Ron Daniels is directing and Gill Holland producing and I’m having a great time. I first met Ron a long time ago when I was doing “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” in London and he was directing at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Finally, I don't want to jinx anything by saying too much, but I might be returning to Broadway pretty soon.

Till then, regards to all. Thanks for stopping by.

March 2007

That’s all folks. After four great seasons (or 3.7 as our crew was fond of reminding us), The O.C. is done. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, your kind words and support. You made it extraordinary. I’ll miss seeing the cast and the crew at work, and I’ll really miss Sandy Cohen. It’s still a bit of a surprise to have said goodbye to the show so soon, but it was great while it lasted.

From May 15 through June 2, I’ll be appearing at Feinstein’s in NYC at The Regency Hotel on Park Avenue. The title of the show is “Songs and Stories from Broadway and Beyond”. That explains it pretty well, and it will include some songs from 7 Days in Memphis as well as some Broadway songs and standards with the possibility of some special guests. We’ll be doing 7 shows a week, with two on Friday and Saturday each. The show will be about an hour (I think). Feinstein’s is a great nightclub in NYC. The show will bear some resemblance to a benefit I did for The Actors Fund at The Pantages theatre in Los Angeles in November. We’re putting a great band together and I’m busy now working on the show.

Following that, I hope to be doing a couple of movies during the summer and fall and looking forward to what next year’s TV season might offer. I really enjoyed the TV series experience. I’ll let you know as things get more definite.

I was just honored by the Alzheimer’s Association here in LA at their annual “Night at Sardi’s”. It was a big thrill meeting Dick Van Dyke and seeing him on stage in a concert version of “Guys and Dolls”. My friend Kelly Martin of The Elan Corporation presented me the award. Elan is a pharmaceutical company and doing some very exciting work on Alzheimer’s Disease.

My mother had Alzheimer’s Disease for almost 20 years and just died in June 2004.

As many of you are aware Robert Altman died November 20, 2006. He was truly a national treasure. One of the great filmmakers of all time. I was lucky to have done three movies with Bob (“The Caine Mutiny Court Martial”, “The Player”, “ShortCuts”), and those experiences changed my life and how I approach my work. While working with Bob, I felt the kind of freedom that I had only experienced on stage and have carried that spirit with me since. There is nothing easier or more thrilling than working with great artists, and that he truly was.

He knew that real magic was there to be discovered and captured on the day. Bob would say “The worst thing you can do is give me what I expect, which is fine, because that’s why you’re here, but the best you can do is surprise me.” He loved actors, and we loved him. I cried my eyes out when I got the news.

We were lucky to have Bobby Altman, one of Bob and Kathyrn Altman’s sons, as one of our very talented camera operators on “The OC” – I had worked with Bobby on “The Player” and “ShortCuts” too – it was great to see him at work every day. My thoughts are with all Bob’s kids, and especially his wife Kathryn, who so generously and graciously welcomed so many of us into her home and family.

Just a little more sad news - Peter Boyle my friend from “While You Were Sleeping” also departed the earthly premises in December of 2006. Peter was well known as Ray Romano’s father on “Everybody Loves Raymond” and also had an amazing film career. As two Irish-Catholic guys from back east, we had a lot of fun together while working on “While You Were Sleeping” in Chicago and living in New York.

Jack Warden, also of “While You Were Sleeping” and a million other amazing movies, died in July of 2006. He was a heroic war vet, a brilliant actor and a great guy. We’d go to the driving range together - he was no longer interested in hitting balls, just in laughing while I tried.

I feel very lucky to have spent so much good time in their company.

I’ll keep you posted on what’s next. ''Till, then best wishes to all and thanks for everything.

October 2006

This just in -

Peter will be singing and talking with Megan on the Megan Mullally Show this Friday, October 13th -

Check local listings for details!

September 2006

Fall greetings to you all!

Here is the latest from Peter:

Hello folks,

We’re back at work on Season 4 of The O.C. and things are looking good. We’ll be back on the air (does anyone say “on the air” anymore?) in November after the baseball season and hopefully you’ll enjoy these new episodes we’re hard at work on.

There have been two books published lately that I’ve contributed to that might be of interest to some of you.  The first one is called A Twist of Lemmon, a collection of tributes from people that knew Jack and personal memories by Chris Lemmon of his father. 

Jack Lemmon was one of America’s greatest actors and individuals. I was lucky to have worked (and golfed) a lot with Jack and we also became good friends.  I’ve reprinted with Chris’ permission the chapter I wrote about his dad.

Also, another friend, Pablo Fenjves, has collected a series of interviews with people in show business about how they got started.  I’ve reprinted my chapter of How I Broke Into Hollywood here with Pablo’s permission.


On October 16, 2006 at 8pm I’ll be playing at the Pantages Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles to benefit The Actors Fund. The Actors Fund is particularly dear to the hearts of most actors I know.

For tickets and information, click here.

The Fund provides assistance to those show biz professionals (not just actors) who need it the most. People with AIDS or the HIV virus, The elderly and those that require care, medication and even help with housing.

An actor's life is precarious by definition and it doesn’t take much misfortune to find yourself in need. It’s nice to know that if we, show folk, do what we can for the Actors Fund now, when we’re too old to work, there might just be a place there for us when we’d need it the most.

I’ll be doing some songs from my record, 7 Days in Memphis, some talking and a little story-telling as well as some standards and maybe a couple of songs from Guys and Dolls  It looks like I’ll have a world class band and maybe even a couple of b/g singers. The tickets are a little pricey, but it all goes to a good cause.

There are a few other things in the works which I’ll be telling you about soon. The Alzheimer’s Association will be honoring me at their annual event in LA in March, and NYS&F will be honoring me in NYC in November.  I’m hoping to be Nashville at the end of October, beginning of November to celebtate Steve Cropper’s 50 years of making amazing music as well as a joint Broadway/Country concert after the CMA awards. That’s all for now – time to get back to the Cohen kitchen…..

Best always,


May 2006

Peter on MySpace

Check out Peter's MySpace profile here... and a message from Peter himself:

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hello Friends

Thanks so much for coming to visit the site and sharing your generous comments. The record company has just given me the password etc. to the site so bear with me while I learn the whole MySpace thing. I'll try to keep it as current as I can.

As you can see I've (well, I hope I've succeeded) uploaded the video we shot for "Still I Long For Your Kiss" directed by Steven Lippman and starring my TV wife, Kelly Rowan and myself.
I'm also going to try and upload the rest of the album for those that might like to hear some of the other songs.

We've just finished shooting our last episode of the third season of
The O.C. and found out we'll be having a fourth season. Which is great.

Thanks to all of you for coming by and we'll try to do a little better about staying in touch.
Warmest regards,


April 2006

Spring greetings!

Updates are on their way at long last, but in the meantime, we are now providing a direct link to download the much-requested music video "Still I Long For Your Kiss" from Peter's CD, 7 Days in Memphis.

Still I Long For Your Kiss
Quicktime (4.3MB)

December 2005

Searching for 7 Days in Memphis?

Rumor is that some of you have had trouble finding the CD in stores - if this is so, please drop us a line at with your name, town, and store, and we'll see that it gets there.


Happy holidays from - and a Merry Christmukkah to all.

Site Updates! You can now download song samples in .mp3 or .wma (Windows Media) format - visit the music page to see for yourself.

Additionally, we've streamlined our page layouts - check out the changes in the theatre, music, film, and television sections.

Last, but not least, be sure to add Peter's new CD, 7 Days in Memphis, to your holiday shopping list!

November 2005

Due to popular demand, we now have an official page for Peter's new hit CD, "7 Days in Memphis." Reviews, links, and notes are posted there.

For information on purchasing the CD, and for Peter's new music video, visit the Epic Records website at

7 Days in Memphis

September/October 2005

The official music website is up and running, courtesy of Epic Records, and it's terrific, with photos, music clips, and in-depth information on the upcoming release of Peter's CD, 7 Days in Memphis, on November 8, 2005.

Visit the site at

Meanwhile, many of you have asked where you might find the recording of Peter singing "Don't Give Up On Me" from the Season 2 of The O.C. As luck would have it, there is a downloadable version on iTunes - simply search for "Peter Gallagher," and it will link you to the download.

August 2005

The most extraordinary thing has happened. I just finished recording my first solo album. As I had mentioned earlier, after singing "Don't Give Up On Me," a song made popular by the King of Rock 'n Soul, Solomon Burke, and written by Dan Penn and Bucky Lindsey, I was approached by a couple of record labels and chose to go with Epic Records. That decision has already given me some of the most memorable experiences of my life.

The BandRead the rest of Peter's comments on "7 Days in Memphis" here.

All this gives further proof to the notion that 90% of life is showing up. Keep showing up and don't give up and it's amazing what can happen.

Speaking of showing up, we've just begun our third season of The O.C.! It was great to see the cast again, everyone looked well and was happy to be back. I think it's safe to say that we'll see some more of that family bond and humor that we've earned from all the events from last season and that you folks seemed to enjoy from the first season. But I better not say too much other than hope you enjoy what we're up to and thanks for all your support.

In other news, I've recently returned from Ireland, where my family comes from, and played in JP McManus' Pro-Am golf tournament and had an unbelievably great time. Tiger Woods was there along with Ernie Els, Freddie Couples, Michael Campbell, Davis Love, Jerry Kelly, Rich Beame, Roger Chapman and so many other great golfers and other great people. Everyone involved with the event was terrific and the whole thing raised a lot of money for those most in need in Limerick, Ireland. My hats off to JP McManus for bringing so many diverse individuals together for such a good cause and treating us to the time of our life.

My hat is also off to all the Irish fans!! I had no idea The O.C. was so popular there. Thanks so much to each and every one of them for such a warm welcome. Well, I better get back to work and help make some more "OC".

As they say in Ireland, Slainte.

March 2005

Please note that our mailing address has changed as of March 20. Please visit the Contact page for details.

February 2005

The theatre section has been revamped with Broadway production photos from the legendary Martha Swope. (And thanks to those of you who've e-mailed the webmaster about adding them - enjoy!)

Meanwhile, Peter just appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, and will soon be appearing on Ellen... check schedules for local listings.

January 2005

Starting January 11, itunes will provide a link on their main page to "Don't Give Up On Me," one of the songs I sing on Thursday nights's episode (see below). It's available for download along with a playlist of mine with commentary. I couldn't be happier and hope you all enjoy it - thanks for stopping by.

May the New Year bring you all great, good health, happiness and good fortune. Hope Chrismukkah was everything you hoped it would be.

Many thanks for all those kind words in the guest book and thanks as well for watching the show.

We recently finished shooting our 41st episode of The O.C. and will begin production again soon after the beginning of the year.

We have a few surprises coming up, most of which I can't talk about but I can let you know that on the episode that will air here in the States on January 13th. I'll be singing two songs. I started my career as a singer and I love singing now more than ever.

The O.C. has brought me many good things, but I never thought it would give me an opportunity to sing.

Josh Schwartz, the brilliant guy who created our show and continues to write many of our episodes, had seen me sing on Broadway and last year at a benefit in Los Angeles and thought it might be a good idea to see Sandy Cohen sing on the show. I was a little wary of offering the song stylings of Sandy Cohen, but, true to form, Josh came up with a terrific episode and a believable context for the singing to happen. It involves an important wedding anniversary, Sandy, Seth and Ryan all in trouble for different reasons and together finding a way to make things right.

Bob Thiele, Jr. produced the tracks and brought together four truly great musicians: Dean Parks, Benmont Tensch, Joey Waronker and Davey Faragher. As a result of these sessions, we've been talking to a couple of record labels who seem to be very interested in producing my first solo album. I'll keep you posted about that, and here's a little 30-second sample of a very rough mix of one of the songs:

"Don't Give Up On Me" originally recorded by the amazing Solomon Burke and written by the equally amazing Dan Penn, Hoy "Bucky" Lindsey, and Carson Whitsett. I can't offer you the whole song now but I hope it will be available in the next week or so on the "OC Insider" website" and possibly some of the other popular music download sites.

In other news, I just met with Martha Swope, the legendary dance and theatre photographer and reviewed photos from 5 Broadway shows that I was in and that she photographed. As soon as the photos are ready (33 in all) we'll have them up on the site in the theatre section. Martha recently received an honorary Tony Award for her extraordinary contribution to the theatre in NY. She started out as a student at the School of American Ballet Theatre and began her career photographing George Balanchine, Mikhail Baryshnikov and continued on to photograph the greatest Broadway shows and their stars during some of the most exciting decades of NY Dance and Theatre.

That's all for now, and again thanks for your interest and enthusiasm. It means a lot.

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